Al Basma British School  


Secondary students are encouraged to be independent learners with the skills, knowledge and understanding required to face the challenging steps in their lives. This is underpinned by our positive ethos which allows all of our students to become confident, productive and caring members of the local, national and global community.

We provide a framework which enables teachers and students to be creative and challenged, and parents to be curious yet assured, in a safe, focused and enjoyable environment, whereby everyone is provided with opportunities to grow and learn.

Every student and parent receives a Weekly Newsletter for each subject outlining the topics and content being covered for that period.

The secondary curriculum is divided into three stages:

Grade 6 to 8

Grade 9 to 10

Grade 11 to 12

At Garden City British School, we will function only for Grades 6, 7, and 8 (Year 7,8, and 9) for the next academic session (2021-2022).

This is an opportunity for all students to refine the skills that will enable them to attain both academic and personal success. This is achieved through a dynamic and challenging curriculum with an emphasis on enquiry and creative problem solving through authentic tasks and results in students who are not afraid to take risks and are prepared to fail in order to learn. We do not encourage or prescribe set textbooks. Teachers will use a variety of resources from various sources.